Project Description

The former Coca- Cola HQ was brought by Landid & Brockton Capital. Pristine London was contracted to undertake the building work in this four-storey office. Part of the package included partnering UKPN to conduct operations within a live substation.

The works entailed demolition of the existing plant bases, installation of five tonnes of structural steelwork in the data centre, screeding works to all floors, changes to the car park as well as new street furniture, bollards, handrails and speed bumps.

Among the project, challenges were managing noise and vibration in residential and commercial environments nearby and a TFL bus garage directly below the working area. Traffic management was put in place to ensure pedestrian safety as the car park remained occupied by three tenants throughout the works.

Key Points:

  • Working within a live substation
  • 5 tonnes of structural steelwork
  • 200 sq² of new asphalt
  • 200 linear metres of kerbing