Project Description

The Project

The Royal Academy of Engineering undertook a major refurbishment & remodel of their five storey Grade I listed building. Works included new conference and lecture facilities, meeting facilities, common areas and  a new data centre.

The Works

Pristine London were employed by Knight Harwood. The works were within an existing basement and mezzanine spaces which included the conversion of existing back of house space into meeting rooms and improved servicing areas.

With a contract value of approximately £550,000 over a 4 month period, our works comprised of the following elements:

  1. Construction of a new lift shaft
  2. New structural timber flooring
  3. New services culvert
  4. Waterproofing and cavity drainage
  5. Screeding
  6. Underground drainage
  7. Brickwork repairs
  8. Formation of new opening in masonry

Pristine London managed all the associated temporary works design and installations. The building remained in occupation whilst the work was being completed.

Our client was very pleased with the successful outcome of our works on this project, which has led to appointment on further projects.