Project Description

The Project

Working in another iconic building in London, the Shard, Pristine London assisted Structure Tone with enabling works for the Landlord. This was to reinstate space back to Shell & Core, stripping out the CAT A & CAT B interiors.

The works were carried out whilst the building remained live and in operation, so a key factor was the logistics involved for removing the waste. All bookings had to be done at least 48 hours in advance through the main contractor and also with the building logistics team with an one hour slot. As the project was located next to one of London’s busiest stations, London Bridge, our fleet operations manager had to take great care in the organisation to serve this project, whilst also being aware/flexible of other day to day demands in the city. Keeping Business as normal for the public and the operations teams in the Shard.

We can proudly say this project was delivered on time and also reached 100% in the strict Health & Safety criteria kept at the Shard.